St. Joseph Church is ALIVE with the sound of music, and we would like to invite you to be a part of it all!

Led by our music director, Mia Williams, St. Joseph Church presents many opportunities to be involved in our Music Ministry.  Here’s how you can get involved. 

  • Sing at mass!  All parishioners, young and old, great voices or not so much, are invited and encouraged to sing during our liturgies.  We come together as a worshipping community to pray together, and singing is part of that prayer.


  • If you love to sing and would like to help lead the singing at our masses, perhaps you would like to join our Adult Choir!  People aged 18 and older are encouraged to join our Adult Choir, which meets for rehearsals on Wednesday nights from 7:00-8:30 (except for the 4th Weds. of each month). The Adult Choir usually sings at our 11:00 mass on Sundays. The choir takes August off.  This group is also called upon to lead the singing at other liturgies and special occasions.  Adult choir members find themselves learning 2- to 4-part harmonies which blend together with the congregational singing to create a beautiful sound in our worship space.  We also learn special pieces to enhance the seasonal celebrations and special events.  The ability to read music is not necessary!


  • Join our Youth Choir!  Young people from the ages of 10 – 17 are encouraged to join our Youth Choir.  Rehearsal days/times are determined by the group, so as not to conflict with school responsibilities.  We usually rehearse one to two times per month, and sing at the 8:30 mass twice per month.  This group is also called upon to lead the singing at other special occasions.




  • A small, specialized group leads the congregation at the 4:30 mass on Saturday, as well as other celebrations throughout the year.  It is called the Contemporary Group because it adds contemporary instruments to the sound.  An audition is required and some music skills/experience are required. 





  • A cantor at liturgies has a very special role in engaging the congregation in songs and responses.  A cantor must have some music skills, and be able to consistently sing music with clarity and accuracy.  A cantor must be able to sing solo to lead the responsorial psalm, and perhaps other songs/music as well.  An audition is required. 

For all groups and individuals, assistance in learning music and training is provided.

As you can see, there are opportunities for people of all ages and musical backgrounds.  Whether you have participated in a music ministry in the past, or whether you like to sing and would like to try a new ministry, take note!!  This is a wonderful way to learn more about the liturgy and have fun with other parishioners. 

For more information about the St. Joseph Church Music Ministry, contact our music director, Mia Williams (click here to send her an e-mail), or stop by after mass.