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For Fun

  • (movie reviews)
  • Catholic News Service (movie reviews)
  • Catholic Cuisine (meal and dessert ideas for celebrating feast days and holy days throughout the liturgical year)
  • Grace Before Meals (This "movement" is all about bringing families together in the kitchen and around the dinner table. The host is your average black belt / breakdancing choreographer / award-winning chef / priest, Fr. Leo Patalinghug.)


Books, CDs, MP3s, and/or Gifts

  • Dynamic Catholic (Lots of resources only cost S&H; also have daily inspirations)
  • Lighthouse Catholic Media (See the full collection of resources; our in-house display can't house them all! MP3 downloads available, as are subscriptions.)
  • FORMED has free eBooks, audio recordings, and videoes. They are the parish's gift to you!

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Apologetics / Catholic Beliefts

Apologetics refers to the sincere study of the faith so that one is full prepared to explain and defend our beliefs to those who question it. Going to official Church documents at the Vatican website is often a good place to start.


Local Retreat Opportunities