Where is Our Lady of Fatima and Chinle, AZ?


Our Lady of Fatima Parish is located on a Navajo Reservation in Southeast AZ.  

The Twinning team made two visits to Our Lady of Fatima in the last few months, (at no cost to the parish). It is our desire that the parishioners of Saint Joseph and Our Lady of Fatima make ongoing visits to each other.  One year we could send a group to visit their parish and the next they could send a group to visit us.  The details would be worked out by the parishes.


Visits to Our Lady of Fatima parish could be included in family vacations to the southwestern part of the US.


 The Chart below provides distances to other cities and points of interest in the area.



Gallup, NM                    90 mi, 2.0hr

Flagstaff, AZ               210 mi, 3.5 hr

Albuquerque, NM        230 mi, 4.0 hr 

Phoenix, AZ                 350 mi, 5.5 hr

Salt Lake City, UT       430 mi, 8.0 hr Las Vegas, NV            460 mi, 7.3 hr

Denver, CO                  550 mi, 9.3 hr






Distances from major points of interest;


Canyon de Chelly                                   3 mi,   0.1 hr

Petrified Forest National Park            100 mi,   2.0 hr

Canyonlands National Park                200 mi,   4.0 hr

Arches National Parks                        200 mi,   4.0 hr

Zion National Park                              275 mi,   6.5 hr

Grand Canyon South Rim                  300 mi,   4.5 hr

Grand Canyon – North Rim               333 mi,   6.4 hr

Bryce Canyon National Park              315 mi,   7.5 hr         

    Canyon de Chelly – Spider Rock