What was that announcement Father Umberg

made about Our Lady of Visitation Parish?


At the end of each mass on the weekend of June 10th  & 11th, I made an announcement with regard to the Pastoral Regions Plan of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.   I have heard rumors about what I said that do not correspond very closely to what I said, therefore, I believe a clarification is in order:


The Pastoral Regions Plan of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati is designating certain parishes as “pastoral regions”, where two or more parishes will share a pastor.  The St. Lawrence Deanery (that is the group of about 20 parishes on the Westside of Hamilton County), must reduce its number of pastors from 16 to 11 in the next decade or sooner.  This is necessary in order to have a proportionate distribution of priest/pastors throughout the Archdiocese.  The plan has evolved over the last decade or so.  At one time, it was thought that St. Joseph would share a pastor with Our Lady of Visitation in the future.  Later, it looked like St. Joseph would share a pastor with St. Al’s on the River.  At one point there was talk of us sharing a pastor with St. Bernard.  In recent years, with the growth of our parish, it was the plan to leave St. Joseph as a pastoral region of one parish only.  Recently, a committee formed of some pastors and retired pastors of the St. Lawrence Deanery have been meeting to tweak the plan once more.  The present edition of the plan, which has been sent to the central offices of the Archdiocese for approval, has St. Joseph Parish becoming a pastoral region with (that is, sharing a pastor with) Our Lady of Visitation Parish in the future.  We would not become one parish with them.  St. Joseph and Our Lady of Visitation would remain separate parishes (with separate finances and councils) but will share the same pastor.


This is now the official plan for the future.  How far into the future?  Only God knows at this point.  It probably will happen when I reach the end of my term as pastor here (which could be 4 years from now or 10 years from now), or when some circumstance would change to make it so that I am no longer pastor at St. Joseph or Fr. Mark is no longer pastor at Our Lady of Visitation.  At that time, whenever it comes, one priest will be pastor of both parishes.  Who will that pastor be?  That depends on how all this plays out.  It could be Fr. Mark Burger, it could be me, or it could be someone else.   I hope that this clarification is helpful.



- Fr. Umberg