During the month of May a group from our parish (Jim & Mary Bell, Judy Walsh, Skip Huhn, and Paul & Dianne Wendel) visited with our Twinning partner, Our Lady of Fatima parish in Chinle, Arizona.


      (Fr. Blane & Five of Our Group)

Father Blane, the pastor, gave a talk outlining the history of the parish and how the religious ceremonies and the church are blended in with the Navaho customs.


        (Altar & Animal Skin Altar Cloth)


While there we had a chance to work in the Food Pantry with several of the people from Our Lady of Fatima. In addition to unloading the truck that brings the main food supply to the pantry, we also helped distributing the food to the people from the area.


    (helping prepare bags of potatoes)

Canyon De Chelly (de shay), which is near Chinle, provided a great sightseeing experience, especially at sunset.

This was a very enriching experience and we recommend that if anyone is traveling in the southwest that they include Our Lady of Fatima in their agenda.